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When it comes to expensive and important appliances in your home you may think that your fridge and your wash/dryer are the most important ones, but have you ever spent a heatwave without air conditioning? If the answer is yes then you know the importance of your air conditioner and air conditioning maintenance.

Your air conditioner is one of the most important luxuries in your house. It keeps you and your family cool throughout the hot days of summer. While it’s not impossible to survive without one, you are much happier and more comfortable with one that’s working properly.

Our technicians at Air Conditioner Pro in Toronto know a thing or two about air conditioning maintenance. We actually have over 30 years of experience taking care of air conditioners for our Toronto customers. This have provided us with the knowledge and experience to handle any type of air conditioner request for any make or model of air conditioner.

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You might think that you don’t need air conditioning maintenance because your air conditioner seems to be running fine. This might be true, but it might also be the reason your air conditioner fails or worse catches fire. Recently, an air conditioning unit at a St. Louis area school and a hotel in Eureka caught fire and forced the evacuation of the entire campus.

The building is located on the University of Central Missouri campus. Fire crews reported that the air conditioning unit caught fire due to a mechanical issue. The unit caught fire at 5:45 in the morning and luckily there were no injuries reported.

When an air conditioner has a mechanical issue it normally just shuts down or ceases to work, but there is a chance that a small fire can occur due to the heat, speed or rotation, and electrical components in the units.

Improper maintenance and repairs are often the easiest way to prevent an incident like this from occurring. Whether you’re running a commercial air conditioner or a residential air conditioner it’s important to schedule regular maintenance. Finding a reputable and experienced air conditioning maintenance company is the best way to ensure your air conditioning units are running efficiently and safely.

Air Conditioning Maintenance: Efficiency & Safety

Typically, all it takes is an annual or bi-annual air conditioning maintenance visit to ensure your air conditioner is running efficiently and safely. Surprisingly, most people don’t know that simple maintenance can drastically improve the efficiency of your air conditioner and in doing so saves you money on your energy bill. Additionally, your air conditioner will be running safer, which means you won’t be on the hook for replacement or big repair costs if it were to catch fire or just stop working.

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