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Performing proper maintenance and repairs on your air conditioner, furnace and other components of your HVAC system is an essential part of saving energy around the house. One thing people often overlook in terms of saving energy and money is through their water bills. Water conservation is important not only to your household bottom line, but also to the environment. There are lots of easy ways to reduce your water usage around the house, which not only saves money, but energy and water.

Saving Energy. Saving Water.

Reducing water usage is something that everyone can and should take part in. Here are some great ways to save water around the house:

  • Toilets: Above and beyond any other appliance or component, toilets use the most water in your home. This means they also waste the most water in your home. Low flow toilets can save on average 20% of the water of an average residential toilet. Dual flush toilets are also very popular in terms of design and water-saving capabilities. Overall, finding ways to flush your toilet less is one of the most effective ways you and your family can save water and reduce your water usage footprint.
  • Showering: Shower is much more efficient in terms of water-savings than taking baths, depending on how long you’re in the shower of course. Showering on the whole is an easy place to save water. Low flow shower heads use to offer little to no pressure and people were turned off by them as they couldn’t effectively rinse off. New low-flow shower heads have changed dramatically and provide much better pressure and enjoyment, while still saving water. Low flow shower heads can save up to 7.5 litres or 2 gallons of water each minute.
  • Taps & Faucets: changing bathroom habits when it comes to brushing your teeth is as easy way to save water. Running the tap for a long period of time while water isn’t being used is simply wasteful. While hand-washing is an important part of our society, ensuring that it’s done efficiently and quickly in order to save water is important to saving energy as well.
  • Simply use Less Water: This point boils down to wants versus needs in terms of saving energy through water usage. Watering your grass and washing your car all the time might not be necessary, but results in a pleasing aesthetic. Find ways in your daily life to use less water and you’ll notice a difference on your energy bills.

These four tips are a good start to minimize your water usage and help you in saving energy around the house. For more information about saving energy through water usage or in any aspect of your HVAC system contact Air Conditioner Pro today: 647-547-4049